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Marina Bushueva

"Moscow is a big city, the largest European and world museums are located here. A lot of cultural events take place in Moscow every day. But sometimes it is not convenient for inhabitants of dormitory suburbs to leave to the city center. Our galleries are located outside the Garden Ring. Thanks to their activity significant cultural projects are developed in nine districts of the capital.

Galleries closely works with local communities to implement the programs connected with attraction and involvement of people of different age and a social status in modern cultural life. We support various creative, social and cultural initiatives of inhabitants directed to self-realization, studying and improvement of urban space.

Activity of "Moscow City Gallery Network" is an important component in development of cultural and investment attractiveness of the dormitory areas. We work with well-known Russian and world museums, leading creative unions, large educational institutions; we are open for cooperation with young professionals - graduates of art universities, beginning curators and artists".

— Marina Bushueva



Marina was born in Moscow. She graduated from the Art School of 1905 (specialty - graphic designer) and the Moscow State University of Printing Arts of Ivan Fedorov (specialty – the graphic artist). From 1990 to 2016 Marina was the Director of the State Exhibition Hall "Gallery" Belyaevo. She curated several hundred exhibition, multimedia, educational and theatre projects. Marina Bushuyeva is Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation. She was awarded the medal of the Order “of Merit for the Fatherland” of the II degree.


  • Lux & Luxe. Exhibition of modern Slovenian artists Gashper Emets, David Krashovts, Tikhomir Tomic.
  • "Mosaic of the urban environment". International Exhibition of Modern Mosaic
  • Suite and Suite. Exhibition of contemporary Slovenian artists Gasper Yemets, David Krashovets, Tikhomir Tomic.
  • "Mosaic of the urban environment". International Exhibition of Modern Mosaics
  • Tribute to Argentina, Italy and Russia. Exhibition of Argentine artists Isabella Carafi and Martin Romeo.
  • Japan style never seen. Exhibition of the Japanese artists Inad Atsusi and Kavakami Keisuke.
  • "Myth and reality". Personal exhibition of the Lebanese sculptor Raffi Tokatlyan.
  • Annual International Festival of Applied Art "Unforgotten Traditions".
  • "The Total Theater of Vyacheslav Koleichuk." Kinetic project (art objects, installations, video art, performances, workshops, improvisations on the theremin).
  • The multigenre art project "Per ARS ad Astra / Through art to the stars" on the basis of orbital photographic materials of Alexander Skvortsov, the space pilot, hero of the Russian Federation.
  • Synthetic aesthetic-ecological project "Veloart". With the assistance of creative studio DavidGroup, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Experimental creative association "XD-THEATRE" and others.
  • "Moscow addresses 1812-2012". Scientific and practical conference within the documentary and art project "History and culture of one country".
  • “Belyayevo forever”. Joint project of the "Belyaevo Gallery" and Strelka Press (curators: Cuba Snopek, Marina Bushueva).
  • The premier performance Boroditsky Dennis Dance Company The Code (choreographer Denis Boroditsky).
  • Theatrical laboratory "Belyayevo Galleries. Performance "Mayakovsky day" (author's group: Galina Gubanova, Anna Koleychuk, Stasis Chepulis).
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