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The Moscow Union of Artists originates from the Moscow Regional Union of Soviet Artists (МОССХ), established on June 25, 1932. The Creative Union is a special form of the professionally creative community, historically formed in Russia, which in the visual arts is a unique organizational link uniting creative, Production and social interests of the artist, allowing him through this important public institution to participate most effectively in life of the whole society and the state. Today the Union has more than six thousand members. The Union has a unique practical experience of implementing the most complex organizational and creative projects, accumulated over many decades of work. Today the Moscow Union of Artists unites more than six thousand masters of various creative trends and genres and is perhaps the main cultural center of the capital in the field of fine arts.

Moscow Museum of Modern Art is the first state museum in Russia that concentrates its activities exclusively on the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Since its inauguration, the Museum has expanded its strategies and achieved a high level of public acknowledgement. Today the Museum is an energetic institution that plays an important part on the Moscow art scene.
The Museum was unveiled on December 15, 1999, with the generous support of the Moscow City Government, Moscow City Department of Culture. Its founding director was Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Russian Academy of Arts. His private collection of more than 2.000 works by important 20th century masters was the core of the Museum’s permanent display. Later on, the Museum’s keepings were enriched considerably, and now this is one of the largest and most impressive collections of modern and contemporary Russian art, which continues to grow through acquisitions and donations.

The history of GITIS begins with the end of the 19th century. On October 22, 1878 the famous Russian conductor and the pianist P.A. Shostakovsky has opened in Moscow private musical drama school which has been renamed later into Musical-Drama school. In 1922 the State Institute of Music Drama was joined with Vsevolod Meyerhold’s State Theatrical Workshops. This association received the name of State Institute of Theatrical Art – GITIS of the Sector of arts of Sovnarkom RSFSR. In 1959 the institute is transferred to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture of RSFSR. Since 1961 the director of GITIS has been called as the rector. Today GITIS one of the largest educational institutions in Russia, specializing in training of directors of the drama, musical theater, variety art, circus, actors of the same directions, specialists in drama study and ballet masters, set designers, producers.
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