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Exhibition "Terrible fairy tale for the night”

On December 16, a double opening of the exhibitions "Terrible fairy tale for the night" and "Dreams of snow people" will take place at the galleries "Ground Peschanaya" and "Ground Khodynka".
The gallery "Ground Peschanaya" will present new year exhibition project " Terrible fairy tale for the night ", which is the art of spontaneous storytelling or even scary telling.
It is a group exhibition of works created by Russian artists in different directions with elements of recycles art. Characters are connected with bouts-rimes, written by the curator of the exhibition Marina Fedorovsky based on the ideas of artists.

The project "Terrible fairy tale for the night " allows you to get acquainted with personal horror of artists, planetary threats, and garbage in the head and under the feet, to feel a fear and have fun.
Artists: Vita Buivid, Varenye organism, Alisa Gorshenina, Roman Ermakov, Vladimir Ermachenkov, Masha Kechaeva, Irina Korina, Konstantin Larin, Daria Marchik, Lera Nibiru, Natalia Obukhova, Gosha Ostretsov, Tanya Peniker, Alexander Povzner, Danila Polyakov, Galina Smirnskaya, Dmitry Shabalin, Liza Shakhno, Sergei Shekhovtsov.

The opening program on December 16:
17:00 - opening of the exhibition "Scary fairy tale for the night" in "Ground Peschanaya".
18:30 - departure of the shuttle from the "Ground Peschanaya" to the "Ground Khodynka"..
19:00 - opening of the exhibition "Dreams of the Snowmen" in "Ground Khodynka".
19:30 - musical performance by Oksana Sidyagina in "Ground Khodynka".
20:00 - departure of the return shuttle from the "Ground Khodynka" to the "Ground Peschanaya".

On the opening day, the entrance to the exhibition is free

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Exhibition "Terrible fairy tale for the night”
Групповая выставка работ российских художников, выполненных в разных направлениях с элементами ресайкл-арта.
16 december 2017 —
25 february 2018