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Moscow longevity

Lessons in the framework of the program «Moscow longevity»

For convenience we divided the workshops into districts in which galleries are located. Please, call the galleries for information about schedule.

South-Eastern administrative district

Gallery «Vykhino»
Phone +7(495)377-42-52

Artistic and applied creativity

The program involves techniques that train person’s fine motor skills and includes the physical development of fingers. Teachers developed a special set of exercises to restore the flexibility of brushes.
Classes help to maintain the intellectual activity of visitors, to enrich their inner world. In the process of creative work there is an active socialization of older people in a rapidly changing environment. Students have a unique opportunity in a creative atmosphere to make interesting and beautiful things with their own hands.

Teacher: Voevodina A.V.


Singing is a useful habit for many reasons. First, vocal exercises strengthen the body and improve the work of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Second, thanks to singing, psychological "walls" break down: human complexes and fears are overcome. Finally, singing stimulates the production of the hormone of joy – endorphin. People who sing a lot and correctly have a good mood and concentration.
Visitors can comprehend the basics of proper and professional singing with an experienced teacher.

Teacher: Khabirov R.Yu.

Intuitive painting

Intuitive painting is a technique of mastering fine art, which today can achieve the results of art therapy. Intuitive painting does not limit its target audience only to those who need to improve their psychological state, and offers to start drawing to anyone who wants to reveal their inner world and creative abilities.
Infecting teacher’s enthusiasm, a sensitive approach to each student and love for art and life will guarantee a great collective creative work and good mood.
Classes are aimed at amateurs and professionals. Each participant will create the author's picture.

Teacher: Tolosa E. A.


One of the oldest areas in Chinese physical practices is gymnastics Qigong. It is an opportunity to maintain your health (not only physical, but also spiritual) for a long time.
Doing Qigong is much more interesting than just health physical education. Visitors have common topics of conversation, and intricate movements and exercise names contribute to this.

Teacher: Sadomskov S. Yu.

Southern administrative district

Gallery «Na Kashirke»
Phone +7(495)612-11-61

Creative environment

In the program of the workshop "Creative environment": painting on fabric, glass, gypsum, paper sculpture, familiarity with folk crafts, the creation of toys and souvenirs, drawing with water-based paints, as well as lectures on art and excursions.
Classes are held 1-2 times a week in groups of 15 persons. This gives the participants an opportunity not only to master different types of creative activities, but also to expand the circle of acquaintances and communication.

Teacher: Gumenyuk Nadezhda.


In the program: drawing with water-based paints (gouache, watercolor, acrylic) and the development of techniques of drawing with a brush, pencils, oil paint, pastel, markers.
There will be creative meetings with artists, lectures "History of art in persons (the 1st half of the 20th century)", excursions to exhibitions.
At the end of the classes, an exhibition at the Nagantino-Sadovniki Center will be organized.

Teacher: Galina Vorobyova

South-Western administrative district

Gallery «Nagornaya»
Phone +7(495)123-65-69


There is a misconception about the difficulty of learning a language in adulthood. In our classes you will be able to make sure that it is not true.
The course is suitable for adults, as with the initial level and advanced.

Teacher: Nikonova Daria


Gallery «Belyaevo»
Phone +7(495)335-83-22

Landscape design

Courses of landscape design allow you to learn how to plan and decorate your garden. Teaching landscape design helps to create a composition of flowers and plants, ponds, buildings, paths, playgrounds and sports grounds, etc.

Teacher: Kolyachenko Olga


There is a misconception about the difficulty of learning a language in adulthood. In our classes you will be able to make sure that it is not true.
The course is suitable for adults, as with the initial level and advanced.

Teacher: Zhurkina Anna

It's great to live

The general direction of training is the restoration of all functions of your body, relieving the stress of everyday life. Exercises stimulate the brain, endocrine glands, develop and strengthen the lungs, relieve emotional stress. The mobility of all spine parts is restored, pain in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar parts is gone. The metabolic processes are intensified, the stagnant phenomenon in the small pelvis and in the lower extremities is eliminated. The peristalsis of the intestine improves, normal digestion is restored.
Any person who wants to improve their physical condition, find a restful sleep, escape from chronic diseases can engage in a group. Classes are conducted by a leading specialist in rehabilitation, candidate of biological sciences.

Teacher: Bravaya Dina

Home theater

In the theater studio of the gallery anyone who is not indifferent to creativity can show and even develop his acting skills. The art of recitation, artistic expression, author's song can be tried and realized in our studio.

Teacher: Zbar Anastasia


In the process of learning, you can not only learn about folk dolls and charms, but also learn to make it yourself.
It will bring warmth and comfort to your home, will protect from misfortunes and decorate the interior, will be an original gift for family and friends. In our workshop we will sew, communicate, remember folk traditions and develop artistic taste.

Teacher: Gorobets Veronika


You can try to learn to play chess yourself, but it is better to do it with a friend or teacher.
Teacher in simple language will tell you about the basic principles, understanding that you can take the first steps in this exciting game or improve your level if you are not a beginner.

Teacher: Melnikova Yana

Western administrative district

Gallery «Solntsevo»
Phone +7(495)435-66-24
Classes in the gallery will resume in September.

Sketches from the exhibition

This course of classes on specially selected and most interesting methods of teaching visual literacy, vision, analysis and competent image of forms on the plane, color is recommended for both men and women. Classes are designed for different levels of training. The program consists of an excursion and a practical lesson, drawing in the genre and style of the exposition presented. Exhibitions are changed at regular intervals once a month.

Teacher: Karelin S. N.

Dance program

This is a specially selected course of classes on dance programs, adapted to the characteristics of older people, using an integrated approach and a harmonious combination of the basics of breathing exercises, choreography, music, plastics and dances of the peoples of the world. It is recommended for both men and women. Classes are designed for different levels of training, so they are suitable for everyone, regardless of age and physical development. Classes are conducted by a professional teacher.

Teacher: Frolova A. V.


Gallery XIX veka
Phone +7(495)445-16-50

Artist's studio

The creative program of the Studio is focused on the participants ' acquaintance with a variety of modern artistic practices (drawing, painting, graphics, artist's book, mail art, magazine collage, color monotype). The classes will be held directly in the gallery, so the participant will be able to get acquainted with the process of creating exhibitions, see it "from the inside".

Teacher: Natalia Kulikova

The art is around us

Now it is difficult to imagine any sphere of human activity without the work of the artist. Our houses, apartments, furniture, books, clothes, dishes, cars and much, much more are designed by artists-architects, artists-designers, artists-fashion designers. The program of the studio is focused on the introduction of participants with the concept of "decorative and applied art". A special place in the program will take an introduction of the cultural phenomenon called "doll", as in the gallery there is a museum of the dolls’ history. (a collection of antique dolls from India, China, Indonesia, Latin America, Europe, Russia).

Teacher: Natalia Kulikova

The full list of events in your district is available on the website.

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