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The exhibition “And will we drink tea?”

The exhibition “And will we drink tea?” will be opened on April 6, 2019 in the gallery “Na Kashirke” of Moscow City Galleries Network. The students of the Studio “Artemisia” will present their creative works.

“And will we drink tea?” - only this phrase can interrupt the creative process in the studio. Here education is based on the study of the works of old masters, innovative approaches of the “Bauhaus” school, the heritage of the national avant-garde and modern trends in art.

The exhibition presents paintings, drawing.

The “Artemisia” studio has been existed since 2017, its activities are aimed at teaching children and teenagers the basics of fine art. The head of the studio and the author of the project - Anastasia Golyakova.

Goltyakova Anastasia – is the graphic artist, the member of the Moscow Union of Artists. She graduated from the art faculty of the Moscow Academy of Printing with a degree in graphics.

Opening: April 6, 2019 at 18.00.

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The exhibition “And will we drink tea?”
Creative works of the “Artemisia” studio’s students
07 april 2019 —
19 may 2019
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