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The exhibition “The day of joy”

The exhibition “The day of joy” was opened on April 6, 2019 in the gallery “Pechatniki” of Moscow City Galleries Network.

The exhibition is presented by artist-painter Natalia Pavlova, member of the Union of artists of Russia, participant of international and personal exhibitions in Moscow, Hong Kong, Sweden, France. Natalia's works are in private collections, galleries in Russia and other countries.

Natalia Pavlova is a bright representative of modern fine art, which reflects the set of artistic practices that have developed in the second half of the XX century. Over time, contemporary art becomes the history.

 Natalia Pavlova's works are versatile and have a wide stylistic range. The artist works in various genres: landscape, still life, portrait, household genre. Realistic images are combined in the work of the author with associative and poetic. The main technique in the work of the artist is oil painting. Natalia Pavlova opened an art gallery. The main achievement of the existence of the gallery is the preservation of the artistic quality, which is so mandatory for art.

Natalya travels a lot, and therefore, addressing the essential issues of art of the West and the East, she recognizes the diversity of ideas, values ​​and meanings, the diversity and abundance of creative achievements.

The exhibition presents more than 30 paintings, the content of which expresses the main meaning of the artist's activities: to draw from the well of the past for the present.

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The exhibition “The day of joy”
The personal exhibition of Natalia Pavlova - artist-painter, member of the Union of artists of Russia
06 april 2019 —
02 june 2019
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