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The exhibition “Curator's childhood”

The opening of the exhibition “Curator's childhood” will be on April 12 in the gallery “Belyaevo” of Moscow City Galleries Network.

This is the first exhibition in the framework of a network art project dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Vitaly Patsyukov, the art historian and curator.

The project “Curator's childhood” considers a special metric – super-personal images of space and time, history and culture of the XX century flicker in creative personal coordinates. We can see not only fragments of individual destinies, born of childhood memory, there is a sensually tangible territory of art.

The key plot of the exhibition is the pages of the biography of the curator Vitaly Patsyukov. Autumn of 1939 in Yevpatoria, the first military winter, evacuation to the Urals, to the city of Chapayevsk, endless Moscow childhood on a small island, at the intersection of Lower Radishchevskaya street and Fifth Kotelnichesky lane. The objective world of childhood is recreated with the help of personal memorabilia: a seashell that lived in the grandmother’s cupboard in Yevpatoria, a plush 79-year-old bear, presented for the first year of birth, a silver Cup holder with ornamental script in Hebrew - as well as “color memories”: the explosion of a chemical plant and a pinkish-flaming color, a signal military flashlight with changing filters and its violet glow, an emerald green color of the velvet coat of a neighboring girl evacuated from Leningrad.

Traveling in the worlds of his personal experiences, the curator captures micro-changes in the mechanisms of culture, combines two completely different “exposures” - the local living space and the whole universe.

Other plots of the project are natural dialogues of people, their open, unprotected appearance in front of us, the nearby world of habitat, objects that are regularly touched by the human hand, where the interior and the outer space of life meet.

Project participants: Vitaliy Patsyukov, Katya Bochavar, Leonid Bazhanov, Irina Gorlova, Karina Karaeva, Alexandra Selivanova, Vladimir Smolyar, Anastasia Kozachenko-Stravinskaya.

The authors of works presented at the exhibition: Ilya Kabakov, Leonid Tishkov, Elena Volkova, Pavel Leonov, Hadzhumar Sabanov, Vasily Romanenkov.

The exhibition “And the shadows of childhood will subside...” is the second exhibition in the framework of the network project, it will be opened on April 27, 2019 in the gallery “Na Kashirke” of Moscow City Galleries Network.

Opening: April 12 at 19:00.

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The exhibition “Curator's childhood”
The exhibition is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Vitaly Patsyukov, the art historian and curator.
13 april 2019 —
19 may 2019
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