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Cyberfest. Alessandro Sharaffa. Aurora. Dmitry Morozov. Transmission

The exhibition “Cyberfest. Aurora. Transmission” of Alessandro Sharaffa and Dmitry Morozov will be opened on April 17 in the gallery “GROUND Khodynka” of Moscow City Galleries Network.

CYBERFEST is one of the largest international festivals of media art, founded by independent artists and curators in St. Petersburg in 2007. The festival promotes the emergence of new forms of interaction between art and high technology, developing professional relationships between artists, curators, engineers and programmers around the world and acquainting the public with works in the field of robotics, video art, sound-art and net-art.

Each year the festival takes place in Moscow in the gallery “GROUND Khodynka” in the format of the exhibition. This year two exhibition projects will be presented: “Aurora” by Alessandro Sharaffa (curators: Valentino Katrikala, Elena Gubanova) and “Transmission” by Dmitry Morozov aka :: vtol ::

“Aurora” by artist Alessandro Caraffa shows the nature, which we have suppressed, in new ways. When new relationships arise between art, media and the planet, we see new nature through technology. In the work of Le ombre del mare (“Shadow of the sea”), the sound of the sea sounds after the viewer's action. For another work, the artist went to the north of Russia to record the sounds of the northern lights. The moon — is the theme of the third work, where the voice in the exhibition space declares: “Hello, world!”.

Creativity of Sharaffa - is an attempt to find a new way of perceiving the world with which we have to live. "What happens when the biology of the XXI century is no longer working with individuals in all the complexity of their contexts and relationships" — the curator Valentino Katrikala.

:: vtol :: is a pseudonym of media artist Dmitry Morozov. Dmitry embodies his ideas in the technological genres of art: robotics, sound art, scientific art. He is engaged in the development and creation of experimental musical instruments and modular synthesizers. He has master classes and lectures on technological practices in art.

Dmitry will present three of his works at the exhibition: Sound installation “Lighthouse” - “voice of the Internet” - an orchestra of insane routers composing networked machine techno. The kinetic object “Waveguide” - the action of the device is that two motors specially twist the wire. The computer, in turn, writes off the parameters and analyzes them, turning them into a graph. The result of the machine is a constantly changing sound. The sound object "Ra" is a laser for reading out the irregularities of the surface of the pyrite disc and synthesizing sounds.

The exhibition will feature kinetic sound installation.

Participants: Alessandro Sharaffa, Dmitry Morozov.

Opening: April 17 at 19:00. Entrance to the opening day is free.

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Cyberfest. Alessandro Sharaffa. Aurora. Dmitry Morozov. Transmission
This year the Cyberfest is presented in two exhibition projects: “Aurora” by Alessandro Sharaffa and “Transmission” by Dmitry Morozov aka :: vtol ::
18 april 2019 —
18 may 2019
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