Moscow City Galleries Network | The exhibition “The space as a premonition”

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The exhibition “The space as a premonition”

The exhibition “The space as a premonition” will be opened on April 11 in the gallery “Izopark” of Moscow City Galleries Network.

Several successful projects has already been created on the topic of space in the gallery “Izopark”. They were associated with the exploration of outer space, meeting with alien beings and fantasies about distant worlds. These children's favorite topics will take a worthy place in this project.

However, now the Space will appear not as a explored space, the usual routine work, devoid of the heroic pathos of the past, but as a bright symbol of the future: the search for new places and forms of habitat of earthlings, the introduction of incredible technologies and endless opportunities in science, technology – all areas of human knowledge. That allows us to call the exhibition a futuristic premonition of the future of all mankind.

An important guide in the disclosure of this difficult task for young artists will be bold ideas, artistic experience and experiments of the Russian avant-garde of the 20th century.

The exhibition will feature paintings, graphics and art objects.

Participants: students from art studios of the gallery “Izopark”.

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Gallery events
The exhibition “The space as a premonition”
The exhibition will feature works of galleries' students
11 april 2019 —
26 may 2019
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