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The exhibition “April Maxi Minies”

The exhibition “April Maxi Minies” will be opened on April 11 in the gallery XXI veka of Moscow City Galleries Network. The exhibition presents works by contemporary artists of the author's book from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar.

Why is “Maxi Minies” ? Because the art objects which is presented at the exhibition can be very small, like a matchbox, or very large, like a chest or closet. But each of them has a place in the exhibition.

And why is “April” ? Because it is ALWAYS held in April!

This exhibition has a background. A few years ago, the Gallery of the XXI century conceived a long-running project in which a book, theater, literature and game would be combined. There are unsophisticated games of small children when a child learns to know the world. And there is a smart, intellectual game of chess, where opponents calculate four to five moves ahead.

This year's game is a library game. “Utopian Libraries” by Dmitry Babenko, Kopysyansky Libraries from the excavations of Peter Perevezentsev, fantastic folding books from the library of Emil Guzairov, study-library of Daniil Kharms, Sergey Yakunin. And also: the library of the Irregular Books of Grigory Katsnelson and Ekaterina Efimik and, blown by all the winds, the Library of traveling artist Yevgeny Grinevich and Natalia Kulikova. The exhibition “April Maxi Minies” of 2019 will be filled with hoaxes and invented stories.

The exhibition “April Maxi Minies” is the most fun spring exhibition in Moscow, which you can not only watch, but also create with your own hands. Children and adults can try themselves as a collective Illustrator, creator of the author's book or the largest collage in the world.

Opening: April 11 at 18:00.

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Gallery events
The exhibition “April Maxi Minies”
Works by contemporary artists of the author's book from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar
12 april 2019 —
09 may 2019
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