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Special project

Avant-garde Museum

The avant-garde Museum on Shabolovka was opened in 2017. It is dedicated to the architecture of Moscow in the 1920’s-1930’s, and to the history of the area, presented through the personal memories of residents. In addition, it is a platform for discussions, meetings, round tables, dedicated to the future of the district and the preservation of its tangible and intangible heritage.

The Museum exhibits - archaeological finds, documents, books, memorial objects, photographs, interviews, layouts and drawings of buildings - more than 200 items, photographs and documents, mostly obtained from private collections and from residents of the Shabolovsky district.

In addition to the main exhibition, the Museum hosts temporary exhibitions devoted to the architecture of the avant-garde and the life of that time.

The location of the Museum was not chosen by chance. The area where the Museum is located was built up after the revolution as an experimental model area of the new Moscow: tourists were brought here and their articles about the area were enthusiastic. A lot of buildings were built here for the first time: in addition to the radio Tower named after the Comintern, which were the first building of Soviet authorities in the country (eng. V. Shukhov, 1918-1922), the first communal House appeared here (arch. G. Wolfenzon, S. Aizikovich and others. , 1926-1929), the first student hostel-conveyor, the communal House (arch. I. Nikolayev, 1929-1930), experimental residential quarter – the only realized development project of the rationalists brigade of ASNOVA (Khavsko-Shabolovsky housing estate, arch. N. Travin, 1927-1930), the first Moscow crematorium (arch. D. Osipov, 1927). There are 70 buildings of the 1920’s-30’s are concentrated within a radius of 1 km from the Shukhov tower and more than 20 of buildings are included in the register of cultural heritage. That is why there were all the prerequisites for creating a Museum of avant-garde architecture here, on Shabolovka.

In 2018, the Museum received MUF Community Awards in the nomination “City initiatives”.

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Gallery events
Онлайн выставка
The exhibition is dedicated to the image of the Shukhov Tower in the book and poster graphics of the 1920-1930s
Онлайн выставка
Exhibition “Embroidering avant-garde”
Project by artist and designer Sasha Braulov
07 june 2017
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