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Special project

Doll history museum

“In our world, everything is intelligently invented: God created human, his toy. Human created a “second world” called culture. This is what distinguishes man from all other creatures. And the doll occupies a special place in culture, becoming a kind of Alter-ego of a person, his sign and symbol. Ceremonial, ritual, theatrical, mechanical, toy doll, industrial, author's art... Over the history of its existence, doll has repeatedly changed its appearance, becoming either a cheap toy in the hands of a person, or a work of high art or a collectible.” — considers Alena Borschagovskaya.

In the gallery XXI veka, there is a secret room where the dolls live. They came from the puppet theaters of India, Burma, China, Indonesia, Japan, and Europe and formed a museum. There you can not only admire them as works of art, but also see how they come to life: as part of the excursions, there are performances of the Shadow Theater that will take visitors to the wonderful world of fantastic Indonesian characters.

This museum is based on a private collection of the President of the World Doll Foundation and collector Lana Letta.

Please, call the gallery to clarify the topics of excursions and make an appointment for them.

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Выставка «ДА и НЕТ как образы цивилизации»
Персональная выставка Александра Добрицына
01 november 2005
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