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The exhibition "Repatriation"

The exhibition "Repatriation" of Ikuru Kuvadzhima will be opened on April 13 in the gallery "Peresvetov Pereulok" of Moscow City Galleries Network. Ikuru Kuvadzhima is an artist from Japan, he has been living in the post-Soviet countries and has been working with a local context more than 10 years. 

The basis of the project was the scientific research of the origin of wood thrown by the ocean on the coast of Iceland. In the middle of the XX century its number increased. According to some researchers, this surge can be associated with the organization of GULAG and the mass involvement of prisoners to work in the timber industry in Siberia. 

Ikuru Kuvadzhima: "Trees in Siberia are falling. Sometimes they fall into rivers and drift. Float to the Arctic, then freeze. And then float, and float in the ice on the North Ocean. After six or seven years and more, they sometimes float across the Atlantic Ocean and find themselves off the coast of Iceland, where they are highly valued by the locals, because there is a lack of trees there.

Until the 90s of the last century, many Icelanders could not afford to buy expensive building materials, so they specifically went to the shore for wood from the sea, from Siberia (rekaviðar in Icelandic — drifting tree)."

With the help of visual and sound overlays, the exhibition creates an image of this long drift. In the space of the exhibition there is a symbolic fusion of the weak-willed swimming of felled and lost trees with the weak-willed movement of people who fell under Soviet repression.

Project partner: State Museum of the History of the GULAG.

Ikuru Kuvadzhima is an artist from Japan. Last 5 years he traveled and worked in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Romania. 
Ikuru Kuvadzhima's works were presented at the Venice Biennale in the Central Asia Pavilion (Italy, 2013), at the festival Noorderlicht "Metropolis - City Life in the Urban Age" (Holland, 2011), as part of the "Marie. Research / Chuvash. Research" (Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2015), "Metageography" (Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, 2015). In 2018, the Lumiere Brothers Photography Center hosted a personal exhibition "Me, Oblomov". Photobook "Me, Oblomov" was awarded the main prize in the Competition of book layouts PHOTOBOOKFEST 2017. 

Other Ikuru's photo books were awarded with international awards Kassel Dummy Award, Self Publish Riga, Vienna Photobook Award.

Opening: April 13 at 19:00

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The exhibition "Repatriation"
The exhibition of Ikuru Kuvadzhima, an artist from Japan, who has been living in the post-Soviet countries and has been working with a local context more than 10 years
13 april 2019 —
14 may 2019
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