Moscow City Galleries Network | Sessions of Moscow artists “Dialogue with Leonardo”

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Sessions of Moscow artists “Dialogue with Leonardo”

The regular sessions of Moscow artists “Dialogue with Leonardo” will be opened on April 25 in the gallery А3 of Moscow City Galleries Network.

Human nature in its constructive spatial domain is experienced by Leonardo da Vinci and realized in absolutely universal and, at the same time, unique traditions. Human is revealed himself in his artistic system as a created image, where all the elements forming him are traced. The constructive forms of this divine-cosmic mechanics return us to the biblical reminder of the “edge” from which not only the creation is formed, its originality, but also its continuation. The human in the images of Leonardo as well as his mechanisms, is built according to the laws of geometry of Euclid and mathematics of Pythagoras, obeying the Fibonacci number series and the rule of the "golden section". The hypnotic appeal and structural transparency of its objects opens paradoxical optics, allowing to combine the internal and external as an organic unity.

Creativity and spatial ideas of Leonardo da Vinci constantly update all the newest forms of modern art and generate radical semantic imagery, improving the mechanism of culture. The project “Leonardo”, dedicated to the ideal artist, sculptor, mathematician and theorist of culture, is devoid of futuristic pathos. His philosophy, despite all its internal connections with the geometry of the Renaissance and the classical avant-garde, is absolutely far from social utopias. It is permeated by an intellectual “ecological” aesthetics - the imagery of its composition is immersed in our post-historical time of reflection, analysis and context, where spiritual experience borders on metaphysics and absolute peace in any phases and combinations. Each presented work actually contains a text, its corporeal and numerical mythology, living in opposition to 0 and 1. Visual imagery of the exposition demonstrates the understanding of the universe by the participants as a multi-tiered architectural state and alphabet, where each spatial layer and element has meaning and significance. Broadcasting the ideas of Leonardo da Vinci, the project participants form a single axis in the space of the exhibition, symbolically linking heaven and earth. Human in these “axial” coordinates always remains the center of sacred space, forming and symbolizing a cross, the world tree, connecting the external and internal, each time producing the act of creation.

Exhibitors: Francisco Infante (photo), Vladimir Martynov (video), Alexander Pankin (author's project “The Number of Gioconda” - painting, graphics, object), Vyacheslav Koleichuk (object), Anna Koleichuk (“Lord’s Supper”, dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci), Vladimir Safarov (object), Daria Konovalova-Infante (object), Igor Shelkovsky (sculpture), Valentina Apukhtina (object), Alexander Karasev (painting), Sergey Reznikov (graphics), Vladimir Nasedkin (graphics, “Geometric Studies”), Tatiana Badanina (installation “Space Man”), Valery and Natalia Cherkashins (“My Leonardo”, digital technology), Alexey Goncharenko (graphic composition "Vitruvian man"), Vasil Hannanov (objects), Anna Khomyakova (objects, mixed media).

The exhibition will show the video “Leonardo”, provided by the Institute of Italian culture.

Within the framework of the exhibition, a round table will be held with the participants of the project on the theme “Leonardo da Vinci and his landmarks in modern culture”.

Opening: April 26 at 16:30

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Gallery events
Sessions of Moscow artists “Dialogue with Leonardo”
The exhibition project, dedicated to the ideal artist, sculptor, mathematician and theorist of culture
25 april 2019 —
26 may 2019
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