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The exhibition “Theatrical sketches”

The exhibition was opened on April 9, 2019 in the gallery “Solntsevo” of Moscow City Galleries Network. This exhibition is about the role of the artist in the theater, on the example of sketches, models and scenery of the Moscow Musical Theater Helikon-Opera.

“My teachers said: “The theater begins with a hanger”. But this is not the very beginning of the theater. The beginning of the beginnings is an inspired creative will, which is born in the heart and brain of the one who wanted and was able to create a theater”

Natalia Sats

An integral image in such a synthetic form of art as theater is created by the conditions of many artists: вirector, decorator, composer, costume designer, make-up artist. Everyone knows what theater is, but few people understand how this complex mechanism works from the inside, the text of the play turns into a performance. Everything starts with a thought and a sketch and grows into decorations, costumes are sewn, makeup is put.

The exhibition “Theatrical sketches” tells about the visual component, the design of the play and the creation of its pictorial and plastic image that exists in stage time and space, about the role of the artist in the theater.

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Gallery events
The exhibition “Theatrical sketches”
This exhibition is about the role of the artist in the theater
09 april 2019 —
26 may 2019
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