Moscow City Galleries Network | The exhibition “Here is the dimension Y”

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The exhibition “Here is the dimension Y”

The gallely “ZDES na Taganke” of Moscow City Galleries Network opens a solo exhibition of Gosha Ykora “Here is the dimension Y” on the April 20.

Since 1999, Gosh Ykor has been actively using artistic practices in urban space. He started his way from simple textual statements and feed his aesthetic perception, including graffiti, culture, he gradually came to a more figurative statement, was continuing to work in this direction.

“Dimension Y” is the universe, inseparably and continuously connected with all potentially existing formations of the worlds. Everything that happens somewhere and ever is somehow reflected in “Dimension Y”, as in a magic mirror and vice versa. It's impossible to get there because everyone is here. This is the physical world with its laws and phenomena that people are able to capture and perceive the senses, through the acquired knowledge.

In his creative search, trying different techniques and styles, drawing inspiration from his travels in Asia, the author came up with the image of a psychedelic character and drew a series of stories about him. Each new story with “Psyhero” is a retelling of stories from real life through the prism of the artist's perception. In his stories Ykor depicts friends and acquaintances in one way or another, as well as the internal state in which he resides or anticipates.

The exhibition consists of paintings, sculptures, silk-screen printing and various installations.

As part of the Gosha Ykora’s solo exhibition, the following artists will be represented - guests of “Dimension Y”: Alexey Mednoy, Alexey Dmitriev, Anastasia Pilepchuk, Dmitry Levochkin, Yulya Vanifatyeva and Max Lomak.

Opening: April 20, 2019 at 19:00.

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The exhibition “Here is the dimension Y”
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