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The exhibition “Inspired by Hellas”

A joint exhibition of the Greek Cultural Center and the Moscow Union of Artists “Inspired by Hellas” will be opened on April 19 in the gallery “Vykhino” of Moscow City Galleries Network.

The exhibition is a creative dialogue of artists fascinated by Hellas: its history, culture, people who came into contact with Greece as a result of creative expeditions or feel Greece as their Homeland or Homeland of their ancestors.

Russian artists are represented at the exhibition by the project "Odyssey for Penelope", which has started in 2016 – the cross year of science and culture of Russia and Greece, and is still developing with the support of UNESCO, the Moscow Union of Artists and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Odyssey is not just a symbol of travel, but a symbol of knowledge of the world on the comparison of mentality and way of life of another country with its own, encouraging to look at the usual from a different angle. For artists, the Odyssey is a way home, a return to yourself, to the freedom that every person is endowed with from birth and which permeates the air of ancient Hellas.

Greek artists are represented by the Greek Cultural Center under the direction of Mrs. Theodora Yannitsi. The center's activity is aimed at identifying a spiritual, cultural and civilizational community that binds the Russian and Greek peoples together, based on the ideas of goodness, peace, love and solidarity, whose origins are based on the immortal works of ancient art.

The exhibition will be presented in the form of an ancient installation, combining painting, graphics, art objects of modern Russian and Greek artists. The exhibition is attended by academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts: Albina Akritas, Pavlos Arzumanidis, Irina Starzhenetskaya, Natalia Glebova.

The exhibition will be held interactive tours for organized school groups "Art and Myths of Ancient Greece", where participants can not only learn about the main ancient phenomena of culture, but also "reincarnate" in famous mythical characters.

Opening: April 19 at 17:00.

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The exhibition “Inspired by Hellas”
A joint exhibition of the Greek Cultural Center and the Moscow Union of Artists
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