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The Exhibition “The Mirror”

The exhibition “The Mirror” of Anastasia Exodus Myasnikova will be opened on April 10 in the gallery “Izmailovo” of Moscow City Galleries Network.In one of the halls of the gallery you can see about thirty stop-animation videos and see more than a dozen collages.

A mirror is a plane, paradoxically containing the possibility of three-dimensionality, containing three-dimensional reality and inevitably interpreting it. “The Mirror” project began with a series of self-portraits, but it had an unexpected continuation on a completely new level, using animation.

The main motive of the works of Anastasia Myasnikova, included in “The Mirror” project is the feelings and relationships of a person with others and himself. In this socio-emotional mirror, every visitor to the exhibition will be able to see himself - alive, shaken by strong feelings, looking for a way out.

Sometimes it's psychologically easier to run past the mirror without raising your eyes on your own reflection. But art gives exactly the degree of detachment that is necessary for accepting yourself - vulnerable, not completely independent, not the most courageous. A mirror is an instrument of understanding, an optical device.

"Everything between us became unclear. And then I took out a mirror and began to look at us, at myself, at you from it: and we shrank to a flat square in my hand", – the author speaks like the lyrical heroine.

Animation, according to Anastasia Myasnikova, opens up a new dimension of beauty: we can notice not only a successful composition or combination of colors, admiring them, but also admiring the movement.

Anastasia Myasnikova created her very first animated video three years ago. Working on it was the key to breaking the emotional vicious circle: fragmentary memories, pictures that occupied her imagination, required an adequate exit, and static pictures were not suitable for this. After a month of work for ten hours a day, the artist completely switched, and the situation that gave the initial impetus to the process, became much less significant for her than the resulting movie.

As a rule, Anastasia Myasnikova works alone on animation videos, going through the cycle from the idea and writing the script to editing and sound, a film studio-human, a film crew-human. However, she has experience of collaborations with other artists.

Opening: April 10 at 19:00. Free admission.

The exhibition will include master classes in animation.


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The Exhibition “The Mirror”
The project which is dedicated to the feelings and relationships of a person with others and himself
11 april 2019 —
26 may 2019
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