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The exhibition “Trained machines”

The international exhibition “Trained Machines” is dedicated to various cultural, social and aesthetic aspects of the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in society, science and culture. The curators of the exhibition consider AI primarily as a social phenomenon, and not just as a new tool for creating images, sound and other cultural artifacts.

In recent years, there have been many algorithms of the so-called Artificial Intelligence - artificial neural networks that can analyze large amounts of information, identify patterns in them and build mathematical models on the basis of the selected patterns. Based on such models, the neural network can both recognize, classify and analyze data, and generate a particular content, whether it is text, sound or image.

Due to its versatility, AI is beginning to be widely used not only in science and business, but also in design and art, generating projects, on the one hand, demonstrating a kind of aesthetics of the new technology, on the other – reflecting the problems associated with the increasing mass introduction of AI, and, importantly, raising questions about the future of creativity as a symbiosis of man and technology.

Often, such technologies are actively developed for commercial use and marketing in startups and IT corporations; as a result, interesting projects from an artistic point of view are born in the depths of technology companies, with (or without) minimal participation of authors, socially labeled as “artists”. Machine learning enthusiasts who adhere to the ideology of open source are also engaged in creative research of neural networks. In addition, every day there are new developments of scientists in this field, which, being in the artistic context, not only look appropriate in it, but also complement it with new meanings.

The exhibition “Trained machines” will feature projects by artists and developers, the results of research by scientists, digital folklore, projects directly using artificial intelligence algorithms and exploring their social and cultural implications.

Exhibitors: ORKHAN + Vadim Epstein + Ilya Duganov (Azerbaijan - Russia), Egor Kraft, Stenografiya Team (Andrey Kolokolov, Maxim Parfenov, Anna Klets, Taisiya Spirina) + Yandex (Alexander Krainov + Andrey Sebrant), Matthieu Cherubini (Great Britain - China ), Ahmed Elgammal (USA), Ippolit Markelov (Russia), Maria Romanova, Alexander Serechenko + Ekaterina Pryanichnikova, Alexey Shulgin, Kate Crawford + Vladan Joler (USA - Serbia), Natalya Alfutova, Oron Ashual (Israel), Amy Alexander (USA) ), Dadabots (CJ Carr, Zack Zukowski, USA), Adam Harvey (USA), Elena Nikonole, Amay Kataria (India - USA), Museum of always-playing attractions (Anastasiya Krokhaleva + Denis Perevalov), Martín Nadal (Spain), Eugene Sinyutin, Sergey Teterin, Medina Bazaragalieva (Kazakhstan - Russia), Vadim Epstein, pt9 (Olesya Ilyenok, Marina Muzyka, Andrey Chugunov) and others.

Opening: 13 December 2019, 19:00, entrance to the opening day is free

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The exhibition “Trained machines”
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