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Exhibition “Open Museum”

Exhibition project “Open Museum” will be opened on February 8, 2019 for the third time in the gallery “Electromuseum” of “Moscow City Galleries” Network.

The exhibition “Open Museum” 2019 is a continuation of the “Anti-Museum” project, which started in 2016 and functioned as a free platform for creative expression without genre and curatorial restrictions.

The aim of the project is to show the current trends of modern media and technological art and adjacent spaces of creative expression, to promote their development.

The exhibition will show all submitted projects if they satisfy one or more of the criteria defining modern media and technological art - interactive installations and objects, augmented reality, machinimas, video, audiovisual performances, documentation of interventions in urban environments, artistic modifications of computer games and programs, 3D glitches, and more.

Opening day: February 7, 19:00.

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Exhibition “Open Museum”
Current trends in contemporary media and technological art and related spaces of creative expression
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