Moscow City Galleries Network | Exhibition “Moscow in the photographs of Alexandr Rodchenko”

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Exhibition “Moscow in the photographs of Alexandr Rodchenko”

The exhibition “Moscow in the photographs of Alexandr Rodchenko” will be opened on March 14 in the gallery “Zagorie” of Moscow City Galleries Network.

Visitors of the exhibition will be able to get acquainted with the textbook works of one of the greatest inspirers of contemporary art of the last century, the pioneer of Soviet photography, who became her classic in life.

Rodchenko's Moscow series is an endless and intriguing series of urban life episodes.

The exhibition will feature 85 Rodchenko’s photographs, which were made in the period from 1926 to 1938. These are reportage pictures from the city streets (“Mosselprom cigarette case”, “Street Watering”, “Victim Delivery”, “Book Holiday”), which were made at an unusual angle. The originality of Rodchenko's works is not only in this, but also in the unique atmosphere of Moscow of that time intuitively captured by the author.

The exhibition will allow to plunge into the fussing Bulgakov’s Moscow, where the tragic and comic, pretentious and grounded were mixed up. Thanks to the Rodchenko’s photographic genius you can embrace the spirit of the era - a harsh, but still full of hope for a bright future.

Opening day: March 13, 18:00. Entrance to the opening day is free.

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