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Special project

Opening of the Identity Center – Museum of the district

The grand opening of the Identity Center - Museum of the district will be held in the gallery “Belyaevo” of Moscow City Galleries Network on November 20 at 19:00 in the framework of the project “Development of Belyaevo”. The project is implemented by the winner of the contest “Museum 4.0” of the charity program “Museum without Borders” of Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.

The study of the tangible and intangible heritage of the Belyaevo microdistrict, located in the territorial boundaries of the district Konkovo in the South-West of Moscow, led the gallery “Belyaevo” to the idea of creating a Museum center of the district, which would be engaged in the study of human identity, place and time.

Architects of Architectural Bureau of Alexander Brodsky designed the space of the Identity Center, based on its main goal - to document, analyze, create a regional archive of sources and artifacts. The result was not a local history museum in its traditional sense, but a dynamic, transformable space with a media library and a working area, where exhibition projects, lectures, workshops will be held, and a permanent Museum collection will be formed, representing local identity by means of various media.

The history of the district and its inhabitants will be presented in the exhibition in stories, memoirs, personal belongings, photographs and videos, archival materials, as well as in the works of contemporary artists working with themes of memory, local context.

Exhibitions, urban studies, district tours, classes on the artistic development of the area (guide school, documentary photography, screenwriting, directorial laboratories and others) will be held within the framework of the Identity Center.

The opening program includes: a meeting with the organizers and participants of the project “Development of Belyaevo”, a tour of the Center’s exposition, and a performance by the district’s musical group.

The curator of the Identity Center - Julia Baldina.

Concept - Julia Baldina, Vera Roiter, Irina Bogomolova.

Design project - Sarah Levy, Mikhail Ivanov (Architectural Bureau of Alexander Brodsky).

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