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The exhibition “Workshop of the artist”

A network exhibition project “Workshop of the artist” will be opened on September 13 in the galleries “Belyaevo” and “Na Kashirke” of Moscow City Galleries Network. This project is dedicated to a special socio-cultural space - the creative workshop of the artist.

The project “Workshop of the artist” is considered as a unique tradition of preserving cultural memory and its constant reproduction in one genus.

Experience, including the system of artistic values represented by the work of one family – Alexander Sitnikov and Olga Bulgakov, their daughters Natalia Sitnikova and Alice, a 9-year-old girl who confirms with her own name a real wonderland formed by an amazing creative family – the legendary artistic community.

The model of the “creative workshop” will be presented by the acoustic installation of Sergei Filatov, the master who creates a unified system of sound and structurally-visual forms. The objects of Sergey Filatov reveal new meanings of modern culture, in which there are no genres and new creative organisms are being formed.

The exposition is represented by pictorial compositions, graphic works, art objects, photographs and videos.

Opening: September 12 at 19:00

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The exhibition “Workshop of the artist”
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