Moscow City Galleries Network | Residence and exhibition of the project “Mamadets!”

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Residence and exhibition of the project “Mamadets!”

On August 14, the gallery “Peresvetov Pereulok” of Moscow City Galleries Network will present the residence and exhibition of the project “Mamadets!” dedicated to the practices of artists who are also mothers. 

For the duration of the residence, the gallery will turn into a supportive space that unites two important aspects of the participants’ lives - art and childcare. And at the same time - giving these activities separate free spaces. The large hall of the gallery will become a common workshop for the artists, a place for events and exhibiting their works. And in the small hall there will be a children's room, working on the principle of mutual assistance of the participants. 

All the time the residence will be open to the public. In its working environment, the works of artists created in different years will be presented. And at the end, the final exhibition will be shown. 

Yana Malysheva-Jones, an artist, author of the project “Mamadets!” and curator of the residence, says about the significance of the project: “Even for artists who are not tied to a certain schedule and deadlines, the birth of children and caring for them can make confusion in the workflow. This combination may seem less complicated. But many artists work from home, and the work gets chaotic, mixing with caring for a child and doing household chores. We are waiting for artists who would like to use their work – both artistic and maternal – in the public space to point out those invisible, but deep-seated problems that concern not only artists, but also all women mothers, with or without a profession. We are waiting for artists who do not have enough space and help to combine the two fundamental components of their life. We are waiting for women who want to get experience of interaction and mutual assistance”. 

Curators: Yana Malysheva-Jones, Alexandra Kiselyova, Marta Tsaykh 

Opening day: August 14 at 19:00 

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Residence and exhibition of the project “Mamadets!”
The project is dedicated to the practices of artists - mothers
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