Moscow City Galleries Network | Exhibition “Dacha, as I see it”

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Exhibition “Dacha, as I see it”

On August 16, the gallery “Bogorodskoye” of Moscow City Galleries Network will present the exhibition “Dacha, as I see it”. 

The modern view of the “dacha” phenomenon differs from the experience of past generations. Today, the dacha can cause different associations and have the character of both a suburban area with a garden and a vegetable garden, and a country estate. For different people, the dacha was a place of both joint family work in the garden and outdoor recreation. In 2020, for many people it became a refuge during the pandemic. Free from prohibitions, filled with close people and permeated with family traditions, the dacha has always been a breath of fresh air. 

The history of the dacha begins in the middle of the XIX century and there are many examples of what it served for Russians throughout this time. The result is reflected in this exhibition – for most artists, the theme of the dacha responded with warmth and cozy memories: childhood, romance, home traditions, potato planting, culinary excesses and freedom. 

The exhibition “Dacha, as I see it” is an occasion to carefully study the semantic content of the phenomenon of dacha for each individual person. The project reveals family traditions and the connection of generations through the prism of the country experience. At the exhibition, the visitor will be able to immerse himself in a conditional “dacha” space, see familiar landscapes and everyday sketches. The project contains works in different directions - from graphics to sound art. 

We invite you to relive pleasant moments in your memory and take a look at the dacha world in a new way. 

The exhibition will feature objects, painting, graphics, photography, performance, sound art. 

Artists of the exhibition: Maria Golovkina, Marie Sokol, Anya Gorbas, Sofia Sapozhnikova, Elena Popovskaya, Alexandra Burmistrova, Daria Bondarenko, Anastasia Khandozhenko, Victoria Surkova, Anna Sapunova, Polina Shutova, Natasha Krylova, Katya Zhukova, Anna Plotnikova, Irina Vorobyeva, Dinara Hertnagl, Ogorodnikova Alina, Tatyana Popova, Kozlova Tatiana, Elizaveta Gryaznova, Elena Aleksenko, Mitri Grankov, Katya Finkelstein, Vaya Zvereva, Mikhail Partolyak, Yulia Baranyuk, Ekaterina Yudaeva, Natalia Alatortseva, Elizaveta Romanovna. 

Opening day: August 16 at 18:00

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Exhibition “Dacha, as I see it”
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