Moscow City Galleries Network | Exhibition “Stuffiness vs. Draft”

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Exhibition “Stuffiness vs. Draft”

On August 27, the gallery “Izmailovo” of Moscow City Galleries Network will present the exhibition “Stuffiness vs. Draft”, it is an ironic project about the main split in society, which becomes obvious with the onset of the summer season: between I-feel-draft-people and I-feel-stuffy-people. Visitors will see paintings, graphics, photos, videos and objects by contemporary artists. 

The basic contradiction, which causes enormous physical, psychological, and social discomfort to people on both sides of the barricades, seems comical in a detached description. Getting into one or the other camp is determined by random factors: the peculiarities of the autonomic nervous system and thermoregulation, chronic diseases, basic attitudes, habits, endurance, hypochondria. And the image of his own “I” – a warm-loving gentle creature, abandoned by the will of fate in a cold country, or, for example,a lover of frost, rain and wind, a harsh romantic. 

Anyway, I-feel-stuffy-people and I-feel-draft-people become such not by choice, but by a combination of reasons. The degree of severity of conflicts in public transport, office or other public place correlates with the general level of aggression in society. On the one hand, the situation is hopeless, on the other – if I-feel-stuffy-person and I-feel-draft-person are friends, they respect and love each other, there is a way to solve the problem one way or another. 

Within the framework of this project, a bipolar system of exposure will work in the gallery: a pole of cold and a pole of heat. Thus, through understanding the equal discomfort for a human being of extreme temperatures, the visitor will come to a more tolerant and balanced position on this issue. 

Participants of the exhibition: Vera Petrova, Masha Suvorova, Svetlana Shebarshina, Dmitry Samodin, Lena Krasotina, Pavel Borkunov, Alexander Rusov, KPD art group, Sofia Slonim, Ekaterina Zhingel, Tanika Yezhova, Marina Ivanova-Imar, Viktor Ribas, Marie Sokol, Olga Ornata, Evgenia Zhuravleva, Irina Privoznova, Viktor Tsiranidi, Marina Skepner, Anna Kaulina, Alexander Baturin, Maria Golovkina, Elena Kurlova, Natalia Alatortseva, Maxim Smirennomudrensky, Alexander Sokolov. 

Opening – August 27, 18:00 

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