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Exhibition “About other spaces”

The opening of the exhibition “About other spaces” will take place on August 18 at 20:00 at the Identity Center of the gallery “Belyaevo” of Moscow City Galleries Network. It is an art research project of Alisa Nikolaeva, a graduate of the Free Workshops School of MMOMA. 

The title of the project refers to the eponymous report of the French philosopher, cultural theorist Michel Foucault, published in 1984, where he suggests using the term “heterotopy” to define different types of space. Foucault is interested in places where there is a special space within space, where reality is approaching utopia in its fullness and content. Foucault focuses on places where atypical relationships between space and time arise: hospitals and prisons (places for outcasts), museums (the gap between space and time). Markets and fairs (a location with a time limit), zoos (one place that includes many), cemeteries and abandoned buildings (another space). 

This exhibition aims at expanding the definition of heterotopies, avoiding deviant meanings and the artistic search for “other spaces”.  

Since today space is fragmented, multiplied, changeable, mobile, a person creates a lot of life stories in one place, which makes us think that we coexist in different worlds. The exhibition is a journey through invisible urban spaces with the aim of their awareness, aestheticization and reconstruction. The inhabitants of other spaces, who previously had the status of “strangers”, become visible here, and familiar places open up to the viewer in a new way. 

Through the process of recognition, small stories acquire new meanings. Other spaces make a familiar city unfamiliar and vice versa. 

Participants: Anna Afonina, Anastasia Korotkova, Maria Romanova, Yulia Ivashkina, Pavla Markova, Alexey Ryabov, Yuri Selivanov, Ekaterina Serikova, Ivan Simonov, Valeria Titova, Shamil Shaaev. 

Opening day: August 18 at 20:00 

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