Moscow City Galleries Network | Exhibition “Reconstruction of Utopia”

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Exhibition “Reconstruction of Utopia”

On August 25, the exhibition “Reconstruction of Utopia” will be opened in the gallery “Park” of Moscow City Galleries Network in partnership with the Chayanov’s Research Center of the Moscow Higher School of Economics and Social Sciences (MHSESS). 

The exhibition “Reconstruction of Utopia” in the gallery “Park” is an attempt to comprehend the scientific and artistic heritage of Alexander Chayanov (1888-1937) in the context of the interdisciplinary activity of the scientist and the relevance of his ideas in relation to the present day. 

The project was prepared in collaboration with the MHSESS (“Shaninka”), on the basis of which, since 2019, there has been the Chayanov’s Research Center, designed to rehabilitate and collect the legacy of an outstanding scientist. The exhibition presents archival materials and works by contemporary artists addressing the theme of utopia (drawings by the science fiction architect Artur Skizhali-Weiss, the sculpture “Parabola of Ladovsky” by Alexey Yakimenko) and cultural memory (the installation “Grain” by Sergei Katran, graphic sketches by Ekaterina Blinovskaya), as well as a preserved fragment of the film “Albidum” (1928), the screenwriter of which was Chayanov. 

In addition to the offline exposition, an online extension of the project will be posted on the “Park” gallery's website, where you can get acquainted with various archival materials, including the memoirs of Chayanov’s contemporaries, dedicated to his activities at the Timiryazev Academy. 

Artists: Sergey Katran, Alexey Yakimenko, Ekaterina Blinovskaya, Artur Skizhali-Weiss. 

Partner: Chayanov’s Research Center of the MHSESS 

Opening day: August 25, 18:00 

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Exhibition “Reconstruction of Utopia”
Project in partnership with the Chayanov’s Research Center of the MHSESS
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26 august 2021 —
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