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Exhibition “Soviet modernism: From: and To: ”

The opening of the exhibition “Soviet modernism: From: and To: ” will take place on August 18 at 19:00 in the gallery “Belyaevo” of Moscow City Galleries Network. 

The exhibition in the gallery “Belyaevo” became the eighth session of the project “Soviet modernism: From: and To: ”, dedicated to the Russian architecture of 1955-1985. Ideologically loaded, at the same time seemingly commonplace, technically innovative, but implemented in conditions of austerity of funds, this architecture could not have appeared in other realities. It is the brainchild of its time, misunderstood and requiring reflection. 

The permanent display of the exhibition includes more than 200 collectible objects of Soviet graphic production of the middle of XX century, including rare exhibits - the original booklets of the World Exhibitions in Brussels in 1958 and Montreal in 1967. This section of the exhibition reveals the meaning of the architectural events of a bygone era. The modern part of the exhibition is an attempt to see this period in Russian architecture through the eyes of young artists. People who were born at the turn of the century in completely different realities explore the modernist buildings of Moscow through graphics. 

The theme of the eighth session of the project “Soviet modernism: From: and To: ” was the movement. Almost 50 years ago, in 1974, the “bulldozer” exhibition, dispersed by the authorities in the Belyaevsky wasteland, received a legal continuation, moving to the Izmailovskaya forest glade. The project “Soviet modernism: From: and To: ”, which originated and was firstly presented in the Izmailovo district, moved to Belyaevo. The circle has closed. 

The viewer will see modern graphics, installations and other art objects that articulate the problems of the architectural environment of the residential areas of Moscow and are an attempt to comprehend and compare the urban environment of two Moscow locations according to the criteria of official/unofficial, typical/ unique, emotional/intellectual, abstract/concrete. 

The large-scale installation, conventionally reproducing the image of typical metro stations – “Belyaevo” and “Izmailovskaya”, will allow visitors to travel from one suburb of Moscow to another on the route of non-conformist artists. A number of objects of the exhibition refer the viewer to the works of the artist and poet Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov, whose work has become an important part of Belyaev's local identity. 


Elizaveta Alexandrovna, artist, curator of the DOCA Festival of Contemporary Art, Dean of the Faculty of Design and Photography of The Institute For The Humanities and Information Technologies. 

Anastasia Sergeevna, architect, curator of the local history project Mayon Ruzei, dean of The International College for Arts and Communication. 

Opening day: August 18 at 19:00

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