Moscow City Galleries Network | Exhibition of Tomoko Hojo “fall asleep”

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Exhibition of Tomoko Hojo “fall asleep”

A personal exhibition of Japanese artist Tomoko Hojo “Fall asleep” will be opened on August 19, in the Moscow Sound Art Gallery SA)) _ gallery, located in the gallery “Electromuseum in Rostokino” of Moscow City Galleries Network, within the framework of the “Art of Sound 4-21” project. 

Tomoko Hojo works at the intersection of sound, music and performance. In addition to solo practice, Tomoko has a permanent joint project with the Swiss sound engineer Rachel Kraft. In addition, the artist coordinates and performs as part of the Tokyo Experimental Music and Theater Ensemble. 

What inspired the artist to choose a theme for a new installation created using mixed media and multi-channel sound: 

“Recently, in my native Japan, in an ancient Buddhist temple, I noticed a ceremonial bell made of copper alloy. It is only used when a Buddhist monk and/or his/her partner die. My parents are Buddhist monks. It means that I will hear this bell when they die. 

No one knows when and why this rule appeared. It is clear that the sounds and vibrations of this instrument will be initiated by the living, waking body and addressed to the dead, sleeping body. 

I ring the bell and get more and more immersed in the acoustic waves. Gradually, the boundaries of life and death, sleep and wakefulness are blurred and become invisible. Voices appear out of nowhere and accompany us to the edge of half-sleep - half-death”. 

Tomoko Hojo earned her Master's degrees in Sound Arts from the London College of Communication and in Arts and Environment from the Tokyo University of the Arts. 

Selected projects: Solo concert within the framework of the Festival “Music from Japan” (New York, 2021); Solo exhibitions “Unfinished” (Tokyo, 2020), “Sotto Voce” (Tokyo, 2019) and “Unfinished Descriptions” (London, 2018); Album “Shinonome” (2020); Performance “My Place/My Sound” (Kyoto, 2019). 

Opening day: August 19, 19:00

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