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On March 07, the exhibition “LOOKING AFTER THE EARTHLINGS” will be opened in the gallery “Zdes na Taganke” of Moscow City Galleries Network. 

It is a new Andrey Bartenev's curatorial project. The gallery will be filled with green men-alien creatures from all possible corners of the galaxy. The exhibits will turn into characters, telling their personal story and inviting the viewer to plunge into the world of the holiday. 

A large-scale project, which will feature more than 300 works by beginners and famous artists created in different styles and genres: painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, video art, clothing, accessories, video art and installation. 

The exhibition raises questions of space themes, the prospects of extraterrestrial existence, as well as the influence of images of extraterrestrial civilizations on contemporary art. 

The curator invites artists to combine various types of visual aesthetics and meanings into a single block of bright, cheerful spectacle, united only by the widely interpreted theme of quoting alien images, discussions about extraterrestrial civilizations “looking after earthlings”. In their works, many authors deliberately emphasize simplicity. The priority is only what causes a special, kind response from the viewer. 

When creating the exhibition, Andrei Bartenev uses the structure of the collection through an interdisciplinary synthesis and unexpected combinations of works of various styles and genres. 

Opening - March 7 at 19:00 

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