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Exhibition “Wow, fantastic!”

On March 2, the opening of the international exhibition “Wow, fantastic!” will take place in the gallery  “Khodynka” of Moscow City Galleries Network. The main theme of the exhibition is fantastic stories from famous literary works that have already come to life or are about to become a reality. 

Science fiction as a genre of literature was born from an attempt to model the future, from the creation of prospects for the development of scientific and technological progress; it predicted the development of outer space and has always been a tool for predicting the prospects for the development of modern civilization. 

Today, science fiction is a free field of humanitarian thought. It integrated the topical issues of metaphysics and the theory of knowledge, philosophical anthropology, parascience and esotericism, political and moral philosophy. 

Visitors will be invited to think about science fiction together with artists, as a way of presenting events, as a kind of mind control system and, as a consequence, reality. 

The exhibition will feature object installations, photographic, video and audio works by 31 contemporary artists from Russia, Germany and Poland. Some of the works were exhibited at the “Treat Gallery” in New York. 

Opening - March 2, 2021, at 19:00 

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Exhibition “Wow, fantastic!”
Fantastic plots from famous literary works
03 march 2021 —
20 june 2021
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