Moscow City Galleries Network | Online exhibition “Lukomsky. Military Chronicle in portrait sketches”

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Online exhibition “Lukomsky. Military Chronicle in portrait sketches”

In May 8, 2021, on the eve of Victory Day, an online exhibition of works by Ilya Abelevich Lukomsky from the funds of the Moscow City Galleries Network will be opened on the website “Museum Moscow Online”. 

The project presents portraits of the front-line soldiers of Stalingrad from the stock collection of the “Moscow CG” Network, which began to form in 2019. In 1942, a group of artists from the studio of M. B. Grekov under the direction of I. A. Lukomsky was sent to Stalingrad to sketch the fighting. What he saw and felt there became the most significant source of deep emotions, forcing the artist to return to those events again and again after the war. 

Having an extraordinary talent of portraitist, the artist was able to see his contemporaries in all their versatility. The individual properties of the people depicted by him, “snatched from life itself”, acquired the general, typical features of their time, being a true human document of the war years. 

The online exhibition introduces the viewer to etude portraits of ordinary soldiers and generals, pilots, nurses, tankers and infantrymen, revealing the characters of people who stood up for the defense of the country. Portraits of front-line soldiers captured in the sketches formed the basis of a large composite canvas “The Oath of the Stalingradians”, created by Lukomsky later in 1950 (it is in the collection of the Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineering Troops and Signal Corps in St. Petersburg). 

The works presented at the exhibition were donated by the artist's son V. I. Lukomsky to the State Exhibition Hall-Museum “Heritage”, which became part of the Moscow City Galleries Network (now the gallery “Zagorie”). 

About the author: 

Ilya Abelevich Lukomsky (1906-1954) was a Soviet artist. In 1923-1930, he studied in VKhUTEMAS — VKhUTEIN at the monumental department of the Faculty of Painting under P. V. Kuznetsov, L. A. Bruni, V. A. Favorsky, and N. M. Chernyshev. Artist of the M. B. Grekov studio. Participant of the Great Patriotic War. 

He was awarded the medal “For Military Merit”. His works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the State Literary Museum, the State Museum of Modern History of Russia, the State Museum of Moscow Defense, the Panorama Museum “Battle of Borodino”, the Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineering Troops and Signal Troops in St. Petersburg, etc. 


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08 may 2021 —
30 september 2021