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Exhibition "Range of shades of Giverny"

On the 1st of October, 2021 in the gallery "Pechatniky" of the Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" will be the opening of the exhibition "Range of shades of Giverny."

Giverny is a village in Upper Normandy. It is known as the place where the Claude Monet Museum is located. Claude Monet became the founder of Impressionism. This process spread throughout the world, and "Russian impressionism" appeared, which arouses particular admiration.

Natalia Pavlova is presented the exhibition project of the artist from MSAAI named after V.I. Surikov in the technique of Russian impressionism. The characteristic difference between this direction and the classical French is that there is a "sketch" and some feeling of incomplete. Coming to the exhibition "Range of shades of Giverny" the viewer can speculate the continuation of the picture on his own. The sketchiness of the work makes it possible to consider the picture longer than usual, forcing the imagination of a person to work. All works are written with oil on canvas.

The paintings capture mainly urban landscapes, painted with bold strokes, almost unmixed with paint colors.

The uniqueness of the exhibition of Natalia Pavlova is the image of France - the homeland of French impressionism, by a Russian artist in the technique of Russian impressionism.

The opening of the exhibition: the 1st of October at 11:00

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