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Exhibition "Mikhail Avvakumov. Graphics "

On the 7th of October "Gallery A3" of the Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" presents the exhibition "Mikhail Avvakumov. Graphics. "

The exhibition presents the works of the classical range of graphic art: drawing, engraving, posters and posters, book graphics, elements of corporate style (graphic design), as well as modern works in the technique of author's eco-solvent printing, collage and installation.

The exceptional variability of Mikhail Avvakumov's work is represented in the thematic sections of the exhibition by numerous and diverse works, united by features characteristic of the artist: an incomparable talent of the observer and great diligence with which he seeks to convey the objective side of things and the subjective feelings that he experiences. The drawings and engravings of Mikhail Avvakumov, due to their high emotionality, not only reflect natural objects, but also raise them to the rank of symbolic images that help the visual understanding of the universe. Advertising posters and posters created by the author for the Union of Artists of the USSR, the Union of Artists of the RSFSR, the Moscow organization of the Union of Artists for anniversary, personal and collective exhibitions of artists allow us to trace the rich history of the exhibition activities of the Union of Artists of Russia. The principles of high humanism, personal and social responsibility, which have always worried the artist, are the core idea of ​ ​ his social posters. That is why these works created at different times and in different styles do not cease to be relevant and attractive to the modern viewer.

The works of recent years made in the author's technique are unusually interesting. In them, objects do not play the role of things within the inhabited world, but the embryos of facts and thoughts, the source of metaphors and philosophical conclusions, symbolically justified and quite understandable. The artist does not just show works reflecting his inner world with the help of external images, the viewer has the opportunity to look more closely at his own world and try to change the general World.

Curator of the Gallery A3 - Vitaly Patsyukov.

The curator of the exhibition is Peter Baranov.

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06 october 2021 —
04 november 2021
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