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Exhibition "Silence behind the World of Sounds"

On October 23, in the Moscow Sound Art Gallery "SA)), _gallery" located in the gallery" Electromuseum in Rostokino "of the Association" Exhibition Halls of Moscow, "as part of the project" The Art of Sound 5-21, "a personal exhibition of the German artist Jutta Ravenna "Silence behind the World of Sounds" opens.

In the process of hearing loss, the sounds of the outside world become quieter and quieter until they are shut up forever. Whereas the inner voice is heard more and more clearly...

Several bird nests equipped with loudspeakers are suspended from the ceiling SA_)) gallery. They reproduce the sounds of the various landscapes around us, which seem to be filtered and heard from afar.

Each of the nests is "responsible" for its point on the map, for its sound landscape: Santa Cruz (South America); Oasis Thissardmine in the Sahara; Fez (Morocco), Cairo (North Africa); Venice (Europe). So different cultures are heard.

One of the nests, filled with voices and noises, reproduces the sound landscape of Moscow: cars pass through branches, human voices or scraps of music cross a thinly woven nest. The proportions of size and volume are transformed: from the chirping of birds, usually loud, to the sounds of everyday human activity, the audibility of which is reduced to a minimum. All these voices very gently penetrate into the ear of the visitor. Small noises flow, jump, roll, pull, push and turn around the listener.

Jutta Ravenna was born in Dusseldorf (Germany) in 1960. She studied fine art and music in Dusseldorf and Berlin. As a sound artist, Jutta works with visual and acoustic objéts trouvés ("found objects"). On the border between fine art and music, she explores intermodal perception of sound and visual, mainly through installations.

Since 1994, she created work on lakes, abandoned shipyards, a gelatin factory, in old churches and monasteries, radio stations and universities. She held several exhibitions in Germany and abroad, including: at the São Paulo Film Festival, at the Santa Cruz Goethe Center (Bolivia), at the St. Pölten Sound Tower, DARB-1718 in Cairo (Egypt), at the Music and Light Festival in Berlin, at the singuhr audio gallery in Berlin, at Vilna Since 2015, Jutta has been a member of the ERRANT SOUND group of artists, which works with sound in the public space of Berlin. Ravenna is a co-founder of the "Klangkunst im Dialog" events and curator of the "Sonifications - Audible Data Streams" festival of the Berlin Society for New Music.

Vernissage: October 22, 19:00. Admission is free by registration

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23 october 2021 —
29 october 2021
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