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Exhibition "Valery Ulymov/Ilya Evdokimov. History of the Future "

On the 7th of October "Gallery A3" of the Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" presents the exhibition "Valery Ulymov/Ilya Evdokimov. History of the Future. " The exhibition is devoted to understanding and experiencing the bowels of the "living" grandiose and semi-abandoned locations of the Soviet period, which there are a huge number in the territory of the former USSR and Eastern Europe. The exhibition presents a series of works created in 2019-2020, which are fragments or storyboards of the "big story" told by artists.

The material for the creation of the work was the decorative, applied and monumental art of the post-Soviet period, which surrounded each person of that time in his daily life. Artists use the aesthetics and achievements of the first "revolutionary" creators: Peter Williams, Alexander Deineka, Alexander Labas, Yuri Pimenov and other members of the OST association.

The author's love of invoices is seen in a combination of different materials, sometimes they seem to be incompatible. In the presented series, the main dominant is the canvas, which is used with the unexpected silver brass leaf in this combination. Full-length works accommodate several components - document the legacy of the past and reflect modern reality, rushing to rethink these cultural artifacts in the future.

More than 30 plot sketches were prepared, based on views of interesting buildings from the 1960-80s. It is necessary to capture grandiose structures as independent participants in the process. Characters by design emphasize the image and form of architecture. And the characters of the plots themselves are taken from photo reports of 1920-1930. Thus, in the new history of our country, the period of post-revolutionary construction of socialism and the "bright future" was repeated. The author asks the most pressing question: "What's going to be in our future?" This issue is not resolved in the works, but only pushes the viewer to think.

"With my co-author, discussing all our plots, we came to the idea that form is dreams for a fantastic plot," Ilya recalls. - In this we coincided. It turns out that we dreamed of similar dreams, where all people or individual heroes of sleep soared. We agreed that the plots should be supplemented emphasized by strange flying figures. Thus, all our plots, feelings and ideas needed to be transferred to the canvas. It was conceived that these would be as if large sketches for the "panel" in our invented world. As a result, we have a world that is stylized all as functionalism (constructivism)."

Curator of the Gallery A3 - Vitaly Patsyukov;

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06 october 2021 —
04 november 2021
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