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The exhibition "Bukvenica"

On the 17th of September, 2021 in the gallery "Na Kashirke" of the Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" opens the exhibition "Drop cap."

Moscow artist Natalia Rivo presents to the viewer the results of a 25-year search for the deep characters of the letters of the Russian alphabet. In form, the genre origins of this project can be attributed to the tradition of lubok, to the multi-color book miniature. There is something in it from the ringing juiciness of the European stained-glass window of the Art Nouveau era and from the spontaneity of children's drawing. These letters are not entirely alphabetic; this is exactly what the Letters, individual portraits of Letters. Each individual of this "family" - with its own character, intonation, inner world and visual richness. "Portraits" are more than the alphabetical number 33, and the number is constantly replenished. Now there are about two hundred of them in the collection. You do not need to make texts from these letters. Rather, they are the heirs of the Drop caps from ancient books. Drop caps are for slow speech, thoughtfulness, dreamy irony, they are about knowledge, the inner world and personality and the crossroads of Tradition and Novation.

The project has been underway since 1996 and continues to this day.

The exhibition will feature graphics, arts and crafts.

Opening day: September 18 at 18:00

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The exhibition "Bukvenica"
Results of a 25-year search for the deep characters of the letters of the Russian alphabet
17 september 2021 —
07 november 2021
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