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Еxhibition "Do/Do"

September 18, 2021 in the gallery "Na Kashirke" Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" opens the exhibition "Do/Do."

"Do/Do" is a creative project dedicated to the double anniversary of domestic writers - F. M. Dostoevsky and S. D. Dovlatov. This is a whole visual dedication and study by the means of fine art of the heritage of two great writers-thinkers and, together with this, separate very personal and creatively experienced stories united in one space. The game name, similar to a kind of abbreviation or password, encrypts the names of two writers who have been separated from each other for one hundred and twenty years.

Most of the works presented at the exhibition are the result of completed academic assignments by students of two universities - Polygraph, now the Higher School of Printing and the Media Industry of Moscow Polytechnic University (Department of Illustration and Stamp) and the Institute of Business and Design (profile "Illustration"). In addition to student work, the viewer will also see the work of teachers - students and their mentors meet in the gallery space as colleagues and equivalent interlocutors.

The young artists had a difficult task - to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of previous eras unfamiliar to them and convey the spirit of the times in a modern graphic language. In this, the authors were helped by youthful maximalism, multiplied by creative excitement and taught by teachers artistic skills originating from the famous VHUTEMAS school! Reflected in metaphors and expressive images, questions posed by writers, begin to sound with renewed power. Hidden meanings appear, while reading by a modern viewer, acquire a new relevance.

Among the exhibits of the exhibition you can see traditional book illustrations, easel graphics, textile sculpture, modern 3D installations, video art, collage.

Within the framework of the exhibition there will be curatorial excursions, meetings of teachers and students of two universities, online meetings with authors and curators, screenings of films.

Opening day: September 18 at 16:00

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Еxhibition "Do/Do"
The exhibition is a project dedicated to the double anniversary of F. M. Dostoevsky and S. D. Dovlatov
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