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Exhibition "Unified Team"

Since September 24, in the gallery "Nagornaya" of the Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" the project "Unified Team" opens, analyzing the relationship between people and other agents through the prism of Corporate Culture.

In the work on the exhibition, curators set two goals for research. The first is to study how the connections between the participants in the process are formed when they turn into one team (superorganism). The second is to look at the whole world and all the connections in it as a huge corporation, in which even contradictions complement each other.

"As part of the project, we present Corporate Culture as a mechanism that forms the system and model of team life. Team members introduce independently regulated views of the world, role models that teach them a new general language of social behavior or tune them to it. By assimilating the general rules of life, the team members synchronize and turn into a single whole - superorganism. Through this formation, Corporate Culture fulfills its main task - to increase the effectiveness of the team" said Eduard Krylov, co-curator of the exhibition.

"We all face the peculiarities of being in the team one way or another," continues co-curator Elena Sheveleva, "when you need to negotiate, look for compromises and come up with common rules in order to do a common thing together. And preferably successfully. But what if life itself is "a common case? In our project, we are trying to look at the relationship of people from a new side. And thanks to the personal experience of all participants, we, as curators, managed to assemble an exposition to a measure realistic, moderately speculative and with a certain amount of irony. "

So, the work of WHUHC directly develops the curatorial idea and shows the whole world as one Parent Corporation where all people work. The company has its own campaign posters (sometimes contradicting each other), merch and mission. In this work, in addition to corporativism, the aesthetics of office life is explored, as well as in the works of the art group The ABC (Art Business Consulting), the participants of which enchant the details of everyday life. It can be perceived as a bug of a program or as its natural evolution.

Vic Lashchenov in his video work "Songs Sing Above While Someone Bathes with Dolphins" shows office workers tired of corporate life and rushed into the forest. There they try to exist using long-learned algorithms of behavior. But their colleagues believe that downshifting is the fault of demons. The topic of reflection about staying in the system continues Monica Dubinkaite. Through still lives against the background of the sky - a space with no borders, she studies the sensations of being forced inside a superorganism.

Tina Shibalova considers how connections between agents of the team begin to form. In the video work of the artist, the participants accepted the invitation to dinner. Their task is to build a dialogue using non-verbal language. Ksenia Tikhomirova gives the viewer a chance to be in a situation when a person loses his/ her usual team, and his/her new colleague is artificial intelligence. At the same time, the computer does not seek to fully adapt to the language of a person, but is ready to make joint concessions to achieve a joint goal.

During the exhibition, several curatorial excursions and performances "Five Steps to the United Team" will be held.

How often do you feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar environment?

Are you afraid to come there alone?

Corporate culture against any inconvenience.

At the opening of the exhibition, a performance training will be held, removing all possible fears for which you might not come to the event. We will combine different techniques actively used in corporations, turn them into art and live this joint experience with everyone, "says Tim performance leader Tina Shibalova.

Opening date: September 24, 2021 at 19:00 – entrance is free.

Registration for vernissage:

Exhibition participants: Monika Dubinkaite, Eduard Krylov, Vic Lashchenov, Ksenia Tikhomirova, Tina Shibalova, The Art Business Consulting

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Exhibition "Unified Team"
Relationships between people and other agents through the prism of Corporate culture Gallery "Nagornaya"
25 september 2021 —
21 november 2021
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