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Exhibition "Fragility"

On the 16th of September, 2021 in the Gallery of the 21st century of the Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" opens an exhibition of works by Nina Kotel "Fragility."

Nina Kotel is a modern and very interesting artist, winner of the Master Prize, which is received by painters and graphic artists who skillfully master traditional techniques, author of a number of video installations and performances.

Her works are in the collections of the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; Hermitage, St. Petersburg; State Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow; Museum of Fine Arts, Kaliningrad; in the Collection of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Luxembourg; House-museum A.P. Chekhov, Yalta, Crimea.

Nina Kotel is interested in the world of the most ordinary things. The author selects deliberately the most banal objects that have long lost their "face" and have become a background, and concentrates the image in such a way that we can again "see" them. It can be an old countess, glasses, watches - anything, any section of the interior is snatched, optically modified, cleaned from the "subject" and becomes self-sufficient. The artist turns the prose of life into a beautiful fairy tale and boring objects extracted from the usual environment gain magical and mysterious features.

"I like to portray unfamiliar or not painted things, which means strange things. I think I'm afraid of them, drawing, I'm taming. I like to watch how surprised my viewers are when I show them what they always pass by without noticing "- Nina Kotel.

Working in series allows the author to create a kind of script, where on different sheets you can see the development of the idea. The series, presented in the Gallery of the 21st century, is dedicated to "fragility and disappearance." "And we will understand that the world is fragile, but very strong, and to our appearance in it, created, accumulated so much thought, art, discovery, and nothing disappears, everything lives with us..." "Nina Cauldron.

The exposition will feature color graphics of the author.

The opening of the exhibition: September 16 at 18:00

Registration for vernissage:

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Exhibition "Fragility"
Exhibition of works by Nina Kotel
17 september 2021 —
17 october 2021
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