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Exhibition "Patterns Constructs. Part I: House"

On the 17th of September, 2021, the opening of the exhibition project "Patterns Designs. Part I: House".

The two-part project of novice curator Michael Harutyunyan "Patterns Constructs" is devoted to behavioral patterns, clichés, habits, template unconscious actions and an attempt to rationally determine the system invisible to man algorithms in the contexts of the House and City.

The first part of the project, which will be presented in the gallery "Ground Peschanaya" is devoted to the House and its structure, philosophy and the position of a person in its darts. The exhibition will include the works of 26 artists - students and teachers of the HSE School of Design, working in different media and genres.

Within the framework of the first part of the exhibition project, curatorial excursions, lectures, a master class and evening performances are planned to significantly expand the idea of ​ ​the project theme. Visitors will have the opportunity to become participants in the design and deconstruction of patterns together with artists and the curator. More information about the events will be provided on the social networks of the gallery and in the catalog, which can be purchased from the bookstore of the gallery "Ground Peschanaya".

The two-part project "Patterns Constructs" explores the phenomenon of pattern thinking and behavior in two complementary contexts: House/City. A pattern is not only repetition or ornaments, but also a psychological model of behavior brought to automatism, which usually goes into the category of unconscionable by a person. This is a whole program, clichés, habits that we live and develop. The project addresses the problem of unconscionable templates from the point of view of the House/City, which are constructs of pattern understanding. Two contexts are represented by centers in which stamps arise that are transmitted to a person by media, urban structure, communication, interaction, visually.

A problematic point in the patterns of behavior and thinking is unconsciousness, actions without reflection. If you understand the details of a template, you can resolve many issues and conflicts. The exhibition will show that it is possible to resolve unresolved issues or gain new experience in looking at the world around us through fixation, analysis and thinking. This is an attempt to gain rationality and determine the mechanism of the House and the City. This is an attempt to find a new sincerity.

Exhibition "Patterns Constructs. Part I: House" refers to the Inner Context. The term "House" is like an umbrella that combines many enclosed spaces and structures: a house, an apartment, a hotel room, an entrance and, in some cases, a virtual digital space, since it is hermetically sealed and so far exists in a certain closed field.

Artists carefully investigate the patterns of behavior and thinking, consider the visual code of home space, fixing material patterns, visual ornaments, turning to electronics, furniture, interpersonal interactions, stereotypes. The projects offer possible ways to enter the recognized field, break the systematics and a more lively and thoughtful perception of home space, communication inside.

About the curator:

Michael Harutyunyan (born 2000). Artist, curator, student of the School of Design HSE direction "Modern Art: Artist and Curator." In artistic works, he uses various techniques: redi-made, installation, "poor art," graphics, explores family issues, memory, internal conflicts, develops themes of ghostly, alienation, fantasy, loneliness.

In curatorial practices, Michael explores the situation of society and man in the present, focuses on aspects of social psychology: patterns, banality of behavior, mechanization, obsessive compulsivity, works with a young art scene.

Participants: Daria Aksenova, Sofya Afanasyeva, Ksenia Baruzdina, Margarita Varakina, Nigina Vakhidova, Anna Vilenskaya, Polina Dmitrieva, Alexander Zhuravlev, Alisa Kolevatykh, Anatoly Luzhnov, Milena Malova, Dayana Mangutova, Varvara Medunitsyna, Elizaveta Molostova, Yaroslav Motailov, Daria Mukhina, Maria Panina, Alexandra Parail, Anastasia Samilova, Ernest Sattarov, Yulia Starodubtseva, Alexandra Syrenova, Elvira Fazletdinova, Elizaveta Shal, Polina Shtanko, Ekaterina Yuklova (Ducha)

Opening day: September 17, 2021

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