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Exhibition "Music"

On the 2nd of October, the exhibition "Music" opens in the Gallery "Solntsevo" of the Moscow Exhibition Halls Association - a journey through the amazing world of the music industry, the stages of its formation and development in the USSR and abroad.

Visitors will be able to see rare models of electric guitars, rare covers of vinyl records, picturesque portraits of famous musicians. Meet and talk to artists, collectors, musicians, listen to live performances.

The purpose of the exhibition is to combine the two brightest and most emotional types of art Painting and Music. Often, background music is played at art exhibitions to enhance the effect of perception, immersion in the atmosphere, but the music is secondary, and what if you make the musical composition an object, primary, which will call and draw the visitor's attention to objects of fine art. It is believed that music is the most penetrating of the types of art, there are few people indifferent to music. The gallery presents instrumental music and allows you to create your own musical series on electric instruments, learn the history of the development of such instruments, meet with current famous musicians, sing on a stylized stage and see how this music can be reflected in the visual arts.

Exhibition participants: Alexander Lebedev Museum of Electric Music Socialism, Inna Volvak, Bogdan Motruk.

The opening of the exhibition: October 02 at 17:00

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Exhibition "Music"
Rare models of electric guitars, rare vinyl record covers, picturesque portraits of famous musicians
03 october 2021 —
14 november 2021
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