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Exhibition "Open Set"

On the 24th of September in the gallery "Electromuseum in Rostokino" of the Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow," the exhibition "Open Set" opens.

"Open Set" represents the works of Russian artists Anastasia Koroleva, Victoria Shakhnovich and Dmitry Olgin, united by a common interest for artists in perceiving the intangible - sound, smell, time, memory and movement. The exhibition includes objects, sculptures, sound and interactive installations that explore the relationships of man and technology, methods of including non-human agents in the creation of an art work.

Anastasia Koroleva's audio installations will allow viewers to get acquainted with several ways of creating interactive sound - using the term sensor used in the work of Metamorph, or with technology based on herbs and permanent magnets used in creating the Sequencer sound object.

The projects of 1881_YYYY and SADIRIA, carried out by Victoria Shakhnovich and Dmitry Olgin, will talk about the study of the man-made funnel in the city of Berezniki, which exposed and mixed various geological eras, as well as about the relationship between plant and computer systems when constructing various scenarios of the future in the Anthropocene era.


Anastasia Koroleva is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, works in the field of creating sound spatial and interactive installations, sound machines, performance practices and sine art. She explores the influence of technology on sensory and cognitive perception, is engaged in the creation of sound compositions, multi-channel soundscapes and video material for A/V live performances.

Victoria Shakhnovich is a multimedia artist and designer, in her artistic practice she explores the topic of affect, memory, turning to the critical theory of design, the theory of things and the perception of time.

Dmitry Olgin is an artist working with new media. In his practice, he studies the nonlinearity of time, the agency of non-human and hauntology.

Curator: Alice Currodina

Vernissage: September 23, 19:00. Entrance is free by registration

Registration Link:

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Exhibition "Open Set"
Works by Russian artists Anastasia Koroleva, Victoria Shakhnovich and Dmitry Holgin
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