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Exhibition "RESET. A New Look"

The A3 Gallery, which turns 35 this year, changes its concept and on September 8, 2021 opens in a new image with the Reset exhibition - this is the beginning of an extensive cycle of exhibitions, a new educational program and other initiatives to attract collectors and support the art community, developed jointly with BARANOV Gallery.

Peter Baranov, an art critic and new curator of the A3 Gallery, sees this year 2021 as a nodal moment for Russian art: when you can not only talk about the prospects of the domestic art scene, its place on the world map, but also indicate the names of artists who will determine the course of development for the coming years.

Peter Baranov recorded all these important observations in his exhibition project "RESET. A New Look "- which will last from September 8 to 30. The exhibition presents the work of 20 artists - future residents of the gallery, among whom the famous authors are adjacent to young, new names. The exhibition is included in the parallel program of the COSMOSCOW International Contemporary Art Fair, all works in the exhibition can be bought.

"We decided to divide the gallery floors into separate projects: on the ground floor there will be outstanding artists of our time: First Vice President of the Russian Academy of Arts Viktor Kalinin, amazing hyperrealist Olga Grechina, incredibly powerful painter with a personal statement Vladimir Brainin, sculptors and academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts Leonid Baranov and Sergey Milchenko, as well as graphics Boris Belsky and Alexander The viewer will see the artistic statements of young, but therefore no less successful authors - Eduard Anikonov, Maria Semenskaya, Evgeny Shcheglov and Katya-Anna Taguti.

In the halls of the lower floor there will be an exhibition of graduates of Aidan Salakhova - Valery Ulymov and Fedor Petrik, as well as completely unique young sculptors Kirill Chizhov, Kirill Bobylev, Ivan Savenkov and Natalia Baranova, "says the curator of the project.

Curator of the Gallery A3: Vitaly Patsyukov

Curator of the exhibition: Peter Baranov

The opening of the exhibition: September 8 from 17:00 to 22:00

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