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Exhibition “Trace in Time”

From September 1, the exhibition “Trace in Time” will be opened for visitors of the gallery “Varshavka” of Moscow City Galleries Network. The author of the original collages presented at the exhibition is the artist Oleg Grachev. 

“Trace in Time” is a game of words, details and symbols. The author creates images of famous poets and writers “bit by bit”. The faces of famous creators are depicted in a collage format. The new exhibition is a kaleidoscope of associations associated with a particular cultural figure. 

In addition to a series of portraits, the exhibition will feature the installation “Heralds”. Each writer will appear as a herald of his time. The images of the creators were reinterpreted not only by Oleg Grachev, but also by Time itself. 

The exposition will interest both lovers of experiments in art and connoisseurs of the classics. Each visitor will be able to remind himself of the work of great authors, as well as observe the interaction of two hypostases of art. 

Opening: September 1 at 11:00 

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