Moscow City Galleries Network | Exhibition “Such a different city. We are so different”

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Exhibition “Such a different city. We are so different”

The exhibition “Such a different city. We are so different” will be opened on September 3 in the gallery “Solntsevo” of Moscow City Galleries Network. The exhibition presents graphic and pictorial works about Moscow, an installation with urban stories. 

The city of Moscow is always different. Each person looks at it with his own eyes, passes it through the prism of experience, mixes a personal attitude. And the result is a mixture of color and light, people and transport, mansions and concrete. 

The works are provided by the ART-EIDOS Community – Moscow realist artists who consider themselves the successors of the Moscow art tradition, where the depth of the image and the transfer of state have always been in the first place. The different art schools to which the artists belong make the joint project multifaceted. “Moscow has brought us together, so dissimilar, natives of different corners - St. Petersburg, Perm, Altai, Uzbekistan and native Muscovites. This became the starting point for the concept of the exhibition - different artists about such a different city”. 

It is not only the architecture that makes the city different, but also the people. It can be interesting to gather neighbors and talk about city stories. The impetus for the conversation will be the installation of Ekaterina Kravtsova “Communal jokes”, which is the result of work in the art residence in Kolomna, in the Art-communal museum. The idea of the project is to build relationships with other people in the style of good neighborliness. 

Participants of the exhibition: Elena Karpova, Irina Alexandrova, Vasilisa Zavalina, Alexander Ratz, Yulia Blinova, Sergey Lychagin, Anna Chekurova, Mikhail Chekurov, Evgenia Sylka, Lyudmila Poezhaeva, Oksana Solovyova, Ekaterina Kravtsova. 

Opening of the exhibition: September 03 at 17:00

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