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Exhibition "Timiryazev Characters"

On the 24th of September in the gallery "Park" of the Associations "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" in partnership with the international festival "Art Prospect" will open the exhibition "Timiryazev characters."

The exhibition is dedicated to local characters and artists in the broadest sense of the word and also includes a series of meetings with local residents. In addition to the works of a resident of the Timiryazevsky district Anna Monakhova, her daughter, son and grandchildren, an interactive map of the district, a board for exchanging district stories and photographs will be presented at the family exhibition. A discussion area, needlework and tea parties will also be organized in the exhibition space.

The international festival "Art Prospect" in 2021 will be held simultaneously in different cities of the world and is dedicated to the theme of regional cultural centers and their role in the life of people and the formation of local communities.

The festival will be held in the north of Moscow at two venues - in the Park gallery in the Timiryazevsky district and the Rassvet district center in Koptev - places of concentration of local communities, where a dialogue may ensue between residents unfamiliar before.

Artists: Anna Monakhova, Maria Depayret, Matvey Kanaev, Tatyana Kanaeva, Nadia Kanaeva, Ivan Kanaev, Gennady Zosimov

Partner: Art Prospect International Festival

Vernissage: September 23, 2021 from 18:00 to 20:00

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Exhibition "Timiryazev Characters"
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24 september 2021 —
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