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Exhibition "Man-machine"

The exhibition “Man-machine” will be opened on July 18 in the gallery “Na Kashirke” of Moscow City Galleries Network.

The twentieth century brought humanity a scientific and technical breakthrough, and became a source of inspiration for artists. We shall call names of poets F. Marinetti, V. Mayakovsky, D. Burlyuk, artists D. Stella, Kazimir Malevich, D. Severini, Vasily Kandinsky, 

musicians L. Russolo, A. Avraamov, P. Scheffer

These creative revolutionaries were focused on increasing expansion of machinery in society. And the symbol of this process was the image of the MACHINE, which had undergone significant metamorphosis over the past century, but remained one of the irreplaceable objects for artistic and technical sculpture.

After the 20th anniversary of the new era artists, musicians and writers offer a new look at the symbiosis of man and machine in various combinations. It can be a classic object of inspiration, or a plastic material for artistic work, or even the method of work itself, when the machine is a co-author.

An ambiguous view, which has absorbed all the experience of reflecting man-machine systems in science and art, is represented by a number of authors who give their own idea of how a soulless machine can be of spiritual value.

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18 july 2020 —
06 september 2020
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