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“GROUND Peschanaya” and “GROUND Khodynka” Galleries

In “GROUND zin megazin” bookstore you can buy not only books about the modern art and culture from the “Ad Marginem” publishing house, it is possible to get beautiful illustrated books for children from “Art Volhonka”. A unique collection of limited-circulation literature is presented here. Some books are handmade, others can afford a high-quality printing press, and sometimes the border between them is completely erased. Next to the literary magazines you can find scientific works on art, poetry collections and even sets of author's postcards. There are many differences, but the main thing that unites all of them is the aspiration to be independent. Some books you can find in other stores, but we present it in their amazing variety, which makes the "GROUND zin megazine" an unusual phenomenon. 

Gallery “Belyaevo”
A large selection of literature on art, author's albums, catalogs of exhibitions, and also the books dealing with various hobbies and leisure.

Gallery “Bogorodskoye”
The gallery presents books on the history of art, culture, philosophy, fiction (prose and poetry), as well as books for all ages children from such publishing partners as Ad Marginem, Samokat, Redkaya Ptitsa and Art Volkhonka.

Gallery “Vykhino”
You can find books for children in our bookstore.

Gallery “Zagorie”
In the bookshop of the gallery "Zagorie" you can find cognitive literature for children.

Gallery “Izmailovo”
In a small bookstore in the gallery, you can find the excellent, inexpensive, but very qualitatively published children's (and adult’s) books.

Gallery “Na Shabolovke”
You can buy publications on the history and theory of art, study of culture, architecture, design. Here you will find researches on the theory of advanced guard, the history of constructivism, the publications of modern problems of architecture, design and urban development.

Gallery “Electromuseum in Rostokino”
In the bookstore of our gallery a variety of literature is presented: art history, philosophy, film history, children's literature and the newspaper "the art news paper"